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Aia Ke Aloha i Kahiki - Helth and wellbeing are inside you

O masażu Lomi-Lomi

Since the ancient times, work with body played an essential part in Hawaii.  Covering not only massage techniques but a range of spiritual aspects of life which still stands to this day.

Many elements of the ancient body work, so so-called Kino Mana, have survived to present day.

Lomi Lomi was originally practiced by kahunas in places of worship.  Kahuna is a Hawaiian word and it means shaman.  For the purpose of Lomi Lomi, kahuna means a massage master, and so named Kahunu Lapa’au. 

Lomi Lomi’s connection to the massage temple dance can be explained by a holy dance ritual performed around a stone altar.  The prominence of this ceremony was the place as well as the ambiance in which it was performed.

Lomi Lomi was also treated as a rite of passage, performed as a practice of cleansing, as well as a ritual preparing an individual going into a new and imperative undertaking of their life.

Kahunas’ knowledge entails the practical applications of the massage, but also many spiritual practices and healing techniques, in addition to the early ages of science and the native traditions.   They follow their practices through the use of herbs, steam baths, oils, prayers and mental connection to their ancestors and nature.

Even though massages are performed in a variety of ways, the common elements such as the joy from its practice, respect and devotion towards the client, deep connection with all living begins and the surrounding world provides the effect of tranquility and compassion.  Massagists treat themselves and the whole universe of unity and oneness.  Allowing it to connect to the Divine and work through the universal forces. 

Just as with Eastern philosophers, Hawaiians believe that the entire universe saturates the energy of life, called Mana. This energy alongside other spiritual practices can be channeled and used for their needs.  Hawaiians treat it as their deep connection with life.

Lomi is a Hawaiian word and stands for massage.  In a more descriptive sense it means “to press, mold, rub, as well as working on the inside and out”, but also, “the touch of happy cat with its soft paw”.

Lomi Lomi is a natural healer of the psyche and its treatment is a feast for the conscious mind.  It’s the inner vision of a long-cherished wish, the voice of the endearing sounds, the feeling of the tropical heat and the echo of an immense feeling of touch on certain parts of the body.  And of all these elements contribute to how quickly and completely a client gives in to the massage. 


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